The Australian-European Network (AEN) and the Utrecht Network (UN) form a multi-lateral student exchange program that facilitates the educational exchange of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students between the member Universities. Established in 1999 it now includes 6 Australian and 31 European member Universities.

The aim of both networks is to further the internationalisation of higher education through student mobility, summer schools, the internationalisation of curricula and co-operation at an institutional level. The members of the network are all prominent and broadly based educational institutions which assume a cultural responsibility alongside their academic and educational tasks.


The AEN includes 6 Australian member universities. All 6 universities provide you with a quality, internationally recognised education. and offer a variety of courses to choose from, making your study with them count.

Australian-European Network member Universities have a distinctive identity and a reputation for competitive research and learning programs. Completing an exchange program with them will open your mind and provide a lifetime of opportunity for you.We have members in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia.



Founded in the early 1980's the UN is a European-wide network of 32 universities in 27 countries. Whilst covering a broad base, the network is highly selective in its membership, enabling a manageable scale and flexibility of action.

The Utrecht Network is committed to student and staff mobility, the internationalisation of curricula, double and joint degrees, collaboration and joint research, whilst being open to other activities which maintain and strengthen its profile.