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Information Sheet: 2021 Information Sheet

The city of Utrecht, like Amsterdam, is characterised by its pretty canals that give a special feeling to the city.  Outdoor living, particularly in the summer, can be enjoyed at many cafés and restaurants near the canals.  The old centre of the city is very attractive with many different styles of architecture. Also like Amsterdam, here the bicycle rules!  Almost everyone seems to ride a bike and this appears to be the main means of transportation within the city, although there is a light rail service and buses as well as trains which connect Utrecht to all of the Netherlands and Europe.  

The population is over 260,000 which makes it the fourth largest city in the Netherlands.  The city has many museums, art galleries, cinemas etc and the Dutch Film Festival is held here.

The cost of living in Utrecht is quite reasonable and the city is easily accessible from Amsterdam by train (about 25minutes). In general, the network of trains and buses across the Netherlands is very impressive, reasonably priced and incredibly efficient.

All Australian exchange students will need a residence permit which is called a VVBR (Verblijfsvergunning voor Bepaalde tijd Regulier).  Students need to apply for a VVBR as soon as they arrive in the Netherlands.  It is advised that students should check that they meet the conditions for obtaining the VVBR before they travel to the Netherlands.  Australia is considered a Group II country and the cost for the VVBR is approximately €433.

Utrecht University
Utrecht University is among some of the most prestigious institutions in Europe, and is the naming member of the extensive and well known Utrecht network, through which Australian students are exchanged.

The University has a modern campus with good facilities on the edge of the city on the ring road.  A number of buildings in the Old Town are also home to some of the university faculties including the faculties of Humanities, Law and Economics. Students make up a large part of the population of Utrecht.

Semesters at Utrecht are divided into two block half-semesters, with subjects running during that time. Students should be advised that they are required to participate in the full academic semester and cannot cram all their units into effectively one quarter.

In Holland an additional expense which students incur is €433 for a recidence permit of up to one year duration.  An extension to the recidence permit costs approximately €52.

English is widely spoken across the Netherlands, and students will have no problems getting around in Utrecht. It is a very safe option for students looking to do something a little different without going too far.

There is a two day orientation program at the beginning of each semester which includes information on housing, city registration, application for a residence permit, insurance, completion of university registration, information on opening a bank account and university services.  Orientation also includes the showing of the film, The Spanish Apartment to give an idea of international student life.  A tour of the city is also organised on the second day of orientation which includes a canal tour drinks and an international buffet dinner.

Finding accommodation in Utrecht is no simple feat and housing is very difficult to find. Owner-occupied houses are expensive and rents on the private market are rather high.  Please refer to the Utrecht web site http://www.uu.nl/university/international-students/en/programmes/exchangevisitingstudents/Pages/default.aspx?refer=/exchange (under “arriving and living in Utrecht") for information on how to find accommodation. 


Law, economics and governance
Social and behavioral sciences
Medicine / UMC
Veterinary medicine

For information on the other faculties, and more general information please go to www.uu.nl/exchange

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Student Experiences

  • "My semester exchange at Utrecht University in Holland has been such a great experience & I am so sad to leave. From the moment I applied,I really wanted to go to Utrecht & I was very lucky to be given my firstpreference. Applying for subjects & accommodation was really simple & Iwas given a ton of information by the UU International Office before I arrivedso everything was organised. From the first week of orientation, it was non-stop fun. " Griffith University Student
  • " I think the biggest thing that stands out to me from my exchange experience is the opportunity to meet people from all around the world & all the experiences that I would never had if I stayed in Brisbane."Griffith University Student
  • " It has been one of the best experiences of my life to date; I met so many amazing fantastic people and did not want to come back at all. My advice is Go! Do not worry about all the stuff that you may not like, the good things far, far outweigh any bad. You can only have this experience once, do not miss out."Griffith University Student
  • “Let me begin by stating the central theme…GO ON EXCHANGE, DO IT, DO IT NOW!!! I had the absolute pleasure of studying at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. This experience was the greatest six months of my life! “Griffith University Student