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University of Lille, Lille, France


Information Sheet: 2021 Information Sheet

Country and City

Lille is a very attractive city with beautiful old buildings, quaint streets and squares with wonderful food,wine, restaurants and bars. There is excellent shopping and speedy access tothe rest of Europe via fast trains and the motorways - Marseilles is 4.10 byTGV train. The countryside around Lille is very pleasant and it would be a good city to live in – very student friendly with over 150,000 students in the Lille region.


USTL is a “1” university in the French university system. It has 20,000 students across nine discipline areas:Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Computer Science/Electronics/Electro-technology and Control, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Earth Sciences, Economy and Social Sciences. There is also an Institute of Business Administration, aMarine Biology Station of Wimereux and the University Centre – Economy of Lifelong Learning. USTL works closely with Strasbourg 1 and other “1”universities in France.

The University promotes life-long-learning and believes in flexible delivery.It is a strong research university with 47 research laboratories with strengths in the areas of microelectronics, nanotechnology, physics (laser technology),advanced mathematics and economics. There are two masters courses available in English:International Executive Management through the Business School which will cost a maximum of €3,000 and there is a possibility that €2,000 can be negotiated.The second masters is Global E Business which will cost €300 for a year. This masters program is supported by the Government, hence the very low cost.

Australian students are very popular and in turn, Australian students have enjoyed the student life in town with the many bars, restaurants etc and they have found it easy to mix with French students.

Lille has very limited English subject offering, so would probably be a destination better suited to French language students who are interested in the sciences or business areas.

The University has good sporting facilities and it is easy to join sporting clubs.


Environmental science
Engineering and technology
Economy, Management and social science


Halls of residence of Priveaccommodation (shared with foreign students)

Application for accommodation:

Contact: Mrs Fabienne DERNONCOURT(


Courses taught in English

Bachelor programs

Business Administration (BBA)

Masters programs

  • Science and Technology

Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry(Erasmus Mundus Label)

Electrical EngineeringandSustainable Development

Urban Engineering and Habitat

Mathematical Engineering,Advanced Scientific Computing


Past and Current Geoenvironments

  • Economics and Management

Executive International Management

Economics of Globalisation and European Integration (Erasmus Mundus Label)

Global E-Business

Management of European Affairs

  • Human and Social Sciences

European Studies for Territorial and Urban Development

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Contact Information

Carole BOURLEY - Lille 1 – Campus Cité Scientifique –

Servicedes relations internationales – Bat A3

59655Villeneuve d'Ascq - France

T:+33 3 20 33 70 46  - Fax: + 33 3 20 43 4003