University of Bergen

University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway




The University of Bergen is a research university with an international profile that emphasises basic research, research-based teaching and the continuous development of academic disciplines.

The University of Bergen was established in 1946, but its academic and institutional roots go back to the foundation of the University Museum in 1825. As a part of the university’s early history you also find the work of renowned Norwegian pioneers such as the polar explorer and oceanographer Fridtjof Nansen, the inventor of modern meteorology, Vilhelm Bjerknes, and Gerhard Armauer Hansen, who discovered the leprosy bacterium in 1873.

We believe that solid basic research is the most important component for quality in university education, and a prerequisite for the research community’s ability to provide significant responses to current challenges and to engage in public debate over national and international issues. The university encourages an environment of free expression and openness, in which men and women can engage in knowledge-based and critical reflection while contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

The University of Bergen has earned a reputation as Norway’s most international university with over 30 years of experience in building relationships and cooperating with universities in many parts of the world. More than 1,600 international students from all over the world are studying at UiB this year, representing roughly 11 percent of the total student population. The University of Bergen offers study and research opportunities in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, psychology, medicine, dentistry and law. We have a particularly strong tradition within the fields of marine, climate and development research. UiB offers more than 300 courses for exchange students taught in English:, and more than 30 of our master’s degree programmes are taught in English:


Bergen offers a wide range of accommodation, and the Student Welfare Organisation (SiB) offers a large number of accommodation units for students especially. International students intending to stay for a minimum of one semester are guaranteed a single room at one of SiB's student hostels under certain conditions:

Updated: June 2015