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Country and City

The Czech Republic is split into Moravia and Bohemia and is amongst the oldest state-like entities in Europe. The Czech Republic is set to adopt the Euro (European currency) in 2010, and given the progression towards full EU status, in April 2004 they abolished the requirement for Australian travellers to obtain a visa. However, students will still require a visa to study there.

Brno is a very attractive, vibrant and relatively small-scale city, not as big and bold as Prague, but cheaper. In Brno there are beautiful colours to be seen everywhere on the imaginatively restored buildings, lots of parks and, it is easy to get around the city both on foot and via the excellent public transport system. There are many attractive cafés, bars, restaurants, a colourful farmer’s market and pretty squares. In September one of the city’s major central squares citizens, students and visitors can enjoy the results of the first crush of the grapes from local vineyards. The city is filled with wonderful architecture, great little cafes and bars and sparkling churches. The castle, atop the hill, was in ruins until the end of the Russian occupation in 1989 and it has been magnificently restored. Brno is very much a university town, with 6 universities and 65,000 students in a city of 400,000. The city is surrounded by hills and rolling countryside which are easily accessed and very popular for walking.

Brno has a rich history and, at different points, has been important in various capacities to Europe. Mendel conducted his famous experiments here which led to the discovery of genetics, Eddison helped build the first 'lit' theatre in Brno, beer was first brewed here in a scientific manner. The City is protected by a ‘dragon’ but, in spite of this, it has been the subject of many occupations - by both the Germans and Russians (and Austrians too).

The city has a large artistic scene, with theatre and opera being well supported. Thanks to this artistic context, it would be an exciting destination for students in film, theatre and other creative arts

Masaryk is a brilliant choice for Australian students - cost of living and uniqueness of experience will be hard to match elsewhere, and the institution is forward thinking, flexible and offering a vast subject array in English. Brno would be a great place to spend a semester - big and accessible enough so as not to get bored, but small enough to feel instantly like home. Vienna is a mere two hours away, so there is plenty of opportunity for trips there.


The student population at Masaryk is 31,000. The University campus in old Brno is spread across a number of attractive and historical buildings in the city. Many of these historical buildings have been or are being renovated to a very high standard. The Faculty of Arts Library, by contrast, is an extremely modern, purpose-built building that has won architectural awards. Each Faculty has its own library and there is also a University Computer Centre which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in addition to computer facilities in every department and faculty. The Faculty of Economics is housed in a new building 10 minutes from the centre of the city.

The University has, or makes use of excellent sporting facilities including several gymnasiums, sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pools etc.

The University has constructed, and is extending in five stages, an extremely modern new campus site for teaching and research on 20 hectares about 15 minutes from the centre of Brno at Bohunice adjacent to the main hospital for Brno. When complete the campus will house the Faculties of Medicine, Science and Sports Studies.

Office for International Studies and General Information

All the International staff are extremely pleasant and efficient and they are housed in an impressively restored building in an excellent office space in the heart of the city.

The Office for International Studies organizes 3 day weekend excursions four times a year to places such as Budapest, Krakow, Southern Bohemia and The Low Tatras. These cost between CSK 900 and 2,500 which covers transportation and accommodation.

The International Students’ Club also organizes weekends away within the Czech Republic as well as arranging evenings and excursions and the opportunity to get to know Czech students. The Club also shows a Czech film every week.

Students may purchase a magnetic card that costs CZK200 ($A10 - $11) which gives access to the University Computer Centre, faculty libraries, and for faculty photocopying and can be used to get inexpensive meals in the student canteens in various parts of Brno. The card needs to be charged before use.

The most popular courses for Exchange students are the Social Sciences, Humanities (including theatre, film studies, cultural courses and the English Department), Business (Economics), Politics, European Studies, and International Relations, Science and Law. Brno accepts approximately between 300 and 400 exchange students every year and sends out approximately 800 through Socrates, Erasmus, MAUI and AEN.

There are many courses taught in English with no minimum number of students required to run each course. Textbooks in English are readily available and plentiful. Two of Masaryk’s research strengths are in Informatics (Encryptment and computer security), Genetics and chromosome research.


An excellent and extremely interesting lecture “Introduction to Czech Culture – An Historical Overview” is given for incoming exchange students by Professor Don Sparling, Director of the Office for International Studies. This forms part of a comprehensive Orientation program which includes such essentials as a Pub Tour with Brno students, placement tests in Czech language (there are intensive Czech language courses given during the orientation period for which a small fee is charged and there is an option to continue lessons during the semester), tour of the city and a hike round Brno lake, Welcome Reception, movies etc. Each incoming exchange student is offered a Czech student ‘buddy’ who will help with the settling in process. Student life, given the high percentage of students, is reported to be fabulous, with Czechs and internationals mixing very well

Courses Taught in English

For the list of courses taught in English, please see the following link:


Accommodation is guaranteed for exchange students and is in University run dormitories, in basic but fine twin study bedrooms with a small kitchenette and private bathroom.

Cost Estimates

On-campus housing – 130 EUR/190 USD
Off-campus housing –160 EUR/250 USD

Contact Information

Martin Vasek
Office for Internacional Studies
Masaryk University
Komenskeho namesti 2, 602 00
Brno, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 -54949 7785
Fax: +420 -54949 1113