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Information Sheet: 2021 Information Sheet

Being the second oldest university in Germany , the University of Leipzig draws on a 600-year legacy of excellence in higher education. The prospect of choosing from a tremendous variety of academic disciplines has attracted an ever increasing number of students reaching its present peak at 30.000. At the newly remodelled main campus in the heart of the city, students find modern facilities equipped with up to the date technology. They enjoy ideal conditions for successfully accomplishing their academic ventures.


History, Art and Oriental Studies
Social Sciences and Philosophy
Economics and Management (incl. Civil Engineering)
Sports Science
Medicine/University Hospital
Mathematics and Computer Science
Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology
Physics and Earth Science
Chemistry and Mineralogy
Veterinary Medicine


The University of Leipzig alongside a number of additional initiatives aim to ease international students into their new academic home.

You can sign up for a three week orientation and language course given just before the semester starts. Course fees will be app. 105 Euros. This course is primarily designed for people to recall and build on an existing knowledge of German and to acquaint students with the university structure and different departments. The orientation-part also includes cultural activities such as a city tour, group afternoons, regional excursions as well as visits to concerts and theatres.

During the Welcoming Week Leipzig students help international applicants tackle the obligatory administrative challenges such as registration at the university and city authorities, opening of a bank account or contracting health insurance. But more than that, the Welcoming Week Leipzig is your chance to make first contact with Leipzig and its university as our tutors take you on guided tours through the campus and city center, show you the cultural hotspots in town or invite you for a night at the clubs.

From the beginning and during your stay, student organizations such as WILMA arrange social events and excursions so that you can make new friends as fast as possible.


Given the abundant housing available, it is not difficult to find lodging in Leipzig. You have several options:

-          “Studentenwerk Leipzig” lets single and shared apartments at reasonable prices usually to those students staying a whole academic year.

-          In Leipzig, students most commonly share apartments which they rent privately . They are called “Wohngemeinschaft”, short “WG”. If you prefer that, the University of Leipzig’s International Centre helps you find a “WG” that suits your preferences.

-          For those who want to go house hunting on their own, there are several agencies and online services that assist you in finding a home in Leipzig. 



Useful information

Coming to Germany should be fairly unproblematic, as Australian citizens are not required to obtain a visa for entering the country. Within the first three months upon arrival, you will have to register with the city authorities as well as with the aliens department in order to acquire a residence permit.

Despite the fact that English is spoken widely, especially by the younger generations, you might want to enhance your German language skills. The University of Leipzig and other institutions offer a range of courses through which you can further perfect your German while studying.

Compared to other major university cities in Germany, living costs in Leipzig are relatively low. Housing prices start at about 180 Euros for a room per months; for groceries, clothes etc. you might have to spend app. 250 Euros per months depending on your preferences. Additional costs include health insurance (app.60 Euros/ month) and study material (app. 50 Euros/ month). There are no tuition fees but you will need to pay a semi-annual semester fee to the student union/ “Studentenwerk” (app. 100 Euros).



Leipzig will make your exchange experience worthwhile. With a population of more than 500.000 it has just the perfect size. It is a city of short distances where you get around easily by bike, public transport or simply walking. You will feel quickly at home while enjoying all the assets of a vibrant center of culture and progress. Leipzig is young thanks to its huge student community and its bustling independent art scene. For a night out you can pick one of the innumerable discos, cinemas and trendy bars or go to the theatre, opera or concert hall. Leipzig’s event schedule is filled with all types of music and art festivals. If you have a passion for the athletic side of life, you will find clubs and facilities for almost every type of sport.

In Leipzig, history meets innovation. All over the city, modern architecture blends into the rows of beautiful Wilhelminian houses. Extensive old parks provide Leipzig with a so called “green lung”. Leipzig is the city of Leibniz, Bach and Goethe. But most importantly it was at the heart of the peaceful revolution that shook the order of world politics and eventually succeeded in reunifying Germany in 1990. A broad range of museums give testimony of Leipzig’s rich history. Simultaneously, scientist in the city’s twenty research centers aim at pushing back the borders of what is known today.

Leipzig enjoys a temperate climate with hot temperatures in summer and occasionally snow in winter. You can easily travel to Leipzig by plane, train or car. Given its central location, it is a ideal starting point for day trips to Berlin, Dresden, Weimar or Erfurt. Prague is only 260 kilometres away.


The International Centre

We are here to help you make the most of your exchange experience. For all matters concerning application, living and studying in Leipzig, we have provided plenty of information online. If you need further support, feel free to get in touch with us:

International Centre

Goethestraße 6

04109 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 97 32020

Email: aaa@uni-leipzig.de