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Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

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Information Sheet: 2017-18 Information Sheet

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), the longest continuously serving university of Hungary, was founded in 1635 in the city of Nagyszombat (today Trnava, Slovakia) by Cardinal Péter Pázmány, Archbishop of Esztergom. It serves the interests of high quality education and research, building upon the best European traditions. The mission of ELTE is to preserve and enrich national and universal culture, to cultivate science and to pass on academic knowledge, as well as to shape and satisfy the real, long-term needs of Hungarian society and of mankind. ELTE aims to educate intellectuals with up-to-date knowledge and versatile culture, who:

  • can identify and analyze problems, and who are able to propose problem-solving strategies and bring about responsible decisions;
  • seek consensus, understanding and respecting different cultures;
  • are aware of their individual responsibilities with regard to the future of their immediate environment, of Hungary, of Europe and of mankind;
  • represent the values of professionalism, solidarity and humanism; and
  • respect universal ethical norms¸ human dignity and the freedom of thought and opinion. 
Education and Psychology 
Elementary and Nursery School Teachers' Training
Law and Political Sciences
Social Sciences
Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education

Courses Taught in English
8% of all courses provided are taught in foreign languages, to find some of these courses visit: 

Once a student is accepted, he or she can ask for a place in student residence halls of the university.

To apply please e-mail your personal data, date of arrival and date of planned leaving to Mr. Tibor Seifert, seifert@kollegium.elte.hu Housing options Student Residence Private housing in Budapest It is also possible to contact the Mentor System, which provides a Hungarian student helper for the incoming exchange student. One of their services is to provide assistance in finding accommodation. To get a Hungarian student helper please e-mail to the Mentor System at, esnelte.mentor@gmail.com

Contact Information
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+361 411 65 00 / 2217
Szerb u. 21-23.
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