Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania


Information Sheet: 2017-18 Information Sheet


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is the oldest higher education institution in Romania. Since 1860, the university has been carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research. With over 26.000 students and 800 academic staff, the university enjoys high prestige at national and international level and cooperates with over 250 universities world-wide. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University became the first student-centered university in Romania, once the Bologna Process was implemented. We believe in the power of individual choice and customized education. Thus, we became the first Romanian university to offer students the opportunity to choose both a major and a minor field of study, in a combination at their choice, that best suits their career goals.

Iaşi has stood for centuries as the most important political, economic, social and cultural centre in North-Eastern Romania. Stylish, cosy and richly rewarding, Iaşi is brimming with history and art. The impressive number of interacting scientific and cultural institutions (six universities, over sixty schools and high schools, a branch of the Romanian Academy with several research institutes, two theatres, an opera house, a philharmonic, dozens of museums and art galleries, libraries, several publishing houses, many radio and TV stations, cultural centres of several European countries, all in a 500,000-inhabitant town) explain why Iaşi is considered to be “the cultural capital of Romania”, as it was named for the first time at the inauguration of our University in 1860.

Accommodation is offered in the “Gaudeamus” Centre for International Exchanges in fully furnished double or triple rooms at a cost of 175 EUR a month.
There is a Medical Office on campus, where students can receive free-of-charge assistance – students must show their student card, passport and, if necessary, medical insurance.
A kitchen is available on each floor of the Gaudeamus” Centre. Alternatively, there is a student café/canteen located near the main building where students can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at about 5 EUR.

Computer Science
Economics and Business Administration
Geography and Geology
Orthodox Theology
Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences
Physical Education and Sports
Psychology and Education Sciences
Roman-Catholic Theology
Center for European Studies
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